I Never Gave In

I Never Gave In
Written and produced by Carl Schultz

Canadians may be willing to fight climate change but there may not be anything we CAN do. The forests will burn across Canada, the permafrost will melt, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans rise, and Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes flood vast areas of Canada and the U.S.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon and so is extinction. The natural world, Mother Nature, is neither just or kind. She is brutal and swift. What can mankind hope to do in the face of such reckless destruction?

Many have known for some time now that burning fossil fuels is harmful, but we may be hopelessly addicted to combustion and gasoline. Like a junkie coming down from a high so are we, as a species, crashing.

“Just a little drunk,
On combustion and kerosene,
A species on the pyre, high on
fumes and gasoline.”

Some day we will fall, but not this day. Today we are fit and able. We should act as if our lives depended on it because in our future world, that may be closer than you think, we may not be so strong. Come on now.

Art direction: Kim Ford
Producer/editor: Carl Schultz