Heroes of the modern age

Heroes of the Modern Age or Jair Bolsonaro, f### you!

Climate change is bad enough without so called leaders like Bolsonaro destroying the Amazon forest! Indigenous peoples speak of those that came before. Specialized Ancestral people that tapped into the energy of the planet and bridged the great divide. Healers, Shaman, and Witch doctors that, in the past, provided guidance to us mere mortals. We could use all the help we can get but in the meantime, we are the sherpards, we are the strong ones to whom they are entrusted.

“Come on now ancestral spirits,
Panther running by your side,
Waking to the dawning go a brave new day,
Running with the Heroes of the Modern Age.”

Written, performed and produced by Carl Schultz

Art direction: Kim Ford
Producer/editor: Carl Schultz