Dancing Solo

Dancing Solo ~ En Pointe
Composed, performed and produced by Carl Schultz. Soprano performed by Marie Claude Bourque.

In the early 80s I had the very good fortune to collaborate on a number of dance pieces with the wonderful Lawrence Gradus, principal dancer at the New York Theatre Ballet and Artistic Director of the Theatre Ballet of Canada. Besides finishing one after another, Larry was a creative powerhouse, he wanted to better understand the “magic” that happens when a choreographer and composer collaborate. It occurred to us that the core of creativity is the same for all artists, in any discipline. We begin there, be it as painters, writers, composers or choreographers and using the tools of our respective crafts bring new works into the world as paintings, novels, poems, music and dance.

The eye opener for me was getting to work with the dancers at the Theatre. Dancers are the hardest working and most dedicated artists I’ve ever worked with, in any discipline. The ballerinas in this video are simply the best in the world. You will notice that they all present with lovely smiles, but make no mistake, they are laser focused and bring to bear so many hours, days and years of dedication and sacrifice. I truly have nothing but respect and love for all.

Larry passed away many years ago but I often think of him while in creativity mode and this piece especially. I hope you like it Larry.

Art direction: Kim Ford
Producer/editor: Carl Schultz